Sanjay Gandhi – the tragedy prince of Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty

The dynamic young son of Indira Gandhi, the first and only woman PM of India till date met a devastating end at a young age of 33. His death gave birth to many questions which are still unanswered. As his elder brother and former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was busy in his pilot career at that time,  Sanjay was declared as the political successor of Indira Gandhi.

The iron lady used to call Sanjay her right hand. He was negatively famous for his role during the emergency regime and was criticized for the family planning policy. He left behind a young wife Maneka Gandhi who was only 23 and his son Varun Feroz Gandhi who was just 3 months old.
In an old interview, Maneka Gandhi who is now a well known BJP minister, a writer and a  prominent environmentalist said that Indira Gandhi became bitter and fragile after Sanjay Gandhi’s death. She was not Indira any more but an ailing mother. Though many people gave Sanjay Gandhi’s death a political angle, all that was hoax according to Maneka Gandhi. She also recalls that she was getting bad intuitions before Sanjay Gandhi’s death.  She was on the same plane a day before the tragic day and she cried her heart out and told Sanjay Gandhi to not fly the plane. She kept saying that the plane was terrible but Sanjay Gandhi paid no attention. She even pleaded to her mother-in-law to stop Sanjay from flying the plane. Indira Gandhi tried to stop Sanjay but he ignored the vibes of his mother and wife and the next day a young emerging leader was no more.
Maneka Gandhi in a famous talk show of its time “Rendezvous with Simi Garewal” said that Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi mistreated her and used Indira Gandhi for political and financial gains. Her struggle after Sanjay Gandhi’s death is a story that the world should know.
Sanjay Gandhi was emerging as a vibrant young Congress leader after her mother’s victory in 1980s election. Wikileaks revealed that there were three murder attempts on Sanjay Gandhi but he survived every attempt and later died in a plane crash. This is mysterious.
Sanjay Gandhi played a major role in emergency regime and rebuilding Congress youth wing. Which led to Indira Gandhi’s victory in 1980. His dominating character was appreciated by his mother. He was a promising leader but fate had other plans.
You can see early morning social media posts on every Nehru-Gandhi family member’s birth-death anniversaries but Sanjay Gandhi remains an exception.
The connection between Amethi and Gandhi family began when Sanjay Gandhi won the election from Amethi in 1980 (He died the same year) and it ended with Rahul Gandhi’s defeat.
Sanjay Gandhi’s wife Maneka Gandhi and son Varun Gandhi already ended everything with the Gandhi family because of the mistreatment they received after his death. Maneka Gandhi once said that just because you are related doesn’t make you a relative. Maneka Gandhi and Varun Gandhi avoid the limelight unlike Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi.
Sanjay Gandhi’s death was followed by Indira Gandhi’s assassination and later Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination. Though the Nehru-Gandhi family governed India for nearly six decades, along those years they faced some brutal tragedies.
These days politicians start blaming the dead for everything. Politicians are busy fighting on history and they don’t bother about the present and future of the country’s youth.
It will be interesting to see how many leaders curse the dead today while BJP can thank Sanjay Gandhi for Maneka Gandhi and Varun Feroz Gandhi who are very active in BJP politics and working for BJP for more than three decades.
Article contributed by Renu Kotwal. For feedback
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